My Favorite Digital Art Tutorials

Watching tutorial videos is one of the best ways to improve your skill, you just got to know how to find the exact information you need. I want to share with you the tutorials that I found most useful throughout my years of learning digital art. 

I encourage you to wander off from these videos and watch multiple tutorials on a subject. The more artists influence you the more unique your art gets.

Bobby Chiu said that our art style is like a soup that you fill only with ingredients (information) that you like. And to know which one you like, you need to have different options to choose from.

Don't have enough time? Do this

  • Watch the tutorials on high speed, I watch them on 1.5x even 2x if the teacher is a slow speaker. Don’t worry you’ll get used to it pretty fast, try 1.25x at first. If you didn’t catch something just rewind.
  •  Watch them while painting, doing chores, chilling. There’ll be many things that you already know in a tutorial, so it would be boring to pay full attention to the whole video.
  •  Bust out the tutorials when you feel uninspired or art-blocked. I’d mentioned this in my blog post about art block, that learning something interesting can help you step out of that awful state.
  •  Put all the tutorials you find interesting into a playlist. You’ll probably need them later when you don’t remember the things you’d learned only the video where that information is from.

Where to start?

Let’s say you want to learn to paint portraits. This is a very broad, and overwhelming task, let’s break it down! What portraits consist of? Hair, head, neck and a bit of the upper body. You could start watching tutorials on painting heads, but what if you would break it down some more. What do you need to build a functional head? You have to think about the planes of the face, ears, eyes, nose, and lips, right?

Now that we’ve divided the big task into small ones we not only made them manageable but found the exact keywords you need in order to find the right information. Use these words in the company of “how to”, “tutorial”, or “anatomy of” and you’ll find many tutorials to choose from.

Here are some of my favorite video tutorials and teachers you can go to for inspiration.


Happy learning!

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